Project Gallery

Take a moment to browse some of North Shore Lawnsprinkler’s previous projects..

  • This project was an installation in Barrington for a home next to a lake. Rather than run the system off of the water from the home we opted to install a pump that utilized the nearby lake to water the landscape. We worked closely with the homeowner and landscape architect to create a system that was both cost effective and made the landscape thrive.

    The components of this system where as follows:

    - Hunter 5000 series gear rotors
    - Rain-Bird 1800 series mist sprays
    - Berkley Sta-rite 2hp pump
    - Hunter PCC Controller
    - Hunter pump start relay

  • This project was the installation of a pumping system to eliminate the water in a backyard. We had to directionally bore from the font yard to the rear catch basin. We then installed a 1/2 hp pump to push the water to a pop-up drain near the street. The entire project was completed by North Shore Lawnsprinkler so that none of the work needed to be contracted out.

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