Will the installation ruin my lawn?
No. Our experienced installation technicians use a special plow to pull (no trenching) the pipe through the ground with minimal impact to the lawn. For most gardens and flowerbeds, there is little to no disturbance because most of the spray heads are placed outside the beds.

Does an automatic sprinkler system really save my time?
Yes! No more wasted hours spent watering your gardens and dragging hoses all over the yard or relocating your sprinkler. Your sprinkler system does all the work for you, reliably watering each section of your property efficiently and effectively.

What are the main advantages of owning an automatic sprinkler system?
Convenience and reliability. The sprinkler system does all the watering for you even if you are not home. Your property will have great curb appeal with a properly watered lawn and landscape.

What happens when it rains?
Each of our systems has a solar-sync rain sensor attached to the system to prevent this occurrence. The sensor does not change or alter the program in the controller. After the rainfall, your system will automatically resume the normal schedule.

What is your warranty?
North Shore Lawnsprinkler provides a five-year warranty from the date of installation. A North Shore representative will provide the details of our warranty in the installation proposal.

What brand of products do you use?
We install a variety of professional brands and models depending on the specific application. These include Rain Bird, Hunter, Cres-Line, Charter, Nela-fin and Irritrol. Our experience has shown us what is proven to work reliably and effectively in the Chicagoland climate. Our representative will show you examples of the specific products that will be used in your system.

What is included in your price?
Your new automatic sprinkler system will be complete and running. The walkways are swept and everything is picked up and straightened up before we leave the job site.

Will my water bills go up?
If you are watering your lawn without an automatic sprinkler system, our systems will help you conserve water. Since the system is set to run on a regularly timed schedule and applies a measured amount of water, your lawn will grow healthy and lush without run-off or water-waste when the hose is left running.

What if I decide to change my landscaping years from now?
An automatic sprinkler system can be reconfigured to meet the needs of your new design. Special fittings to fill hanging pots and fountain fills can even be added. We will work closely with you and/or your landscaper to provide the proper design, installation and timing.

What about service and maintenance?
Our experienced service technicians have been trained to repair all types and brands of sprinkler systems that have been installed over the last forty years. We currently service over 1,300 systems throughout the area, making us one of the largest installers and service shops in Chicagoland.

How does my system compensate for the change in weather during the spring, summer, and fall?
Your system adjusts in a few ways. With all new systems we install there is a solar-sync sensor. This sensor will automatically adjust for the change in weather and will water your lawn and gardens more often during hotter times of the year. However all of our timers also include a manual seasonal adjustment on the timer. We invite you to call us and ask about how you can set your timer for the various parts of our season.

If you have additional questions when considering an automatic lawn sprinkler system for your property, we encourage you to contact us through our contact form or by telephone @ 847.433.6301. We also offer 24 hour emergency service.

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