Winterization is the process of preparing your sprinkler system for the winter. Each fall, North Shore clients who are set up for this service will receive a scheduling reminder postcard. Due to the hectic winterization scheduling, we encourage clients to call us early because our schedule fills up quickly. We will make our best effort to accommodate your schedule. Please note that during winterization we do not perform repairs unless they are directly involved in the winterization process. This is to ensure that we complete the winterization process for each of our clients before the ground begins to freeze. Our technicians will make a note of anything that needs to be done, and our office staff will be in contact with you to set up an appointment to do this in the spring.

Winterization includes:

Removing Water from the Irrigation System
Draining or removing the RPZ or Other Backflow Device
Complete System Check for next season

Winterization (10 zones or less*): $95.00**

*For commercial property or for large estates, please inquire for our current rates as these vary depending on the size and complexity of the system.

**Items which may increase this total include:

Additional zones over 10 — priced at $3 per zone thereafter
Location of drains and main shut-off
Type of RPZ or other backflow device
Access to the RPZ or other backflow device
Location and condition of blow out valve
Location of controller
Valves that are inoperable or stuck
Any debris found in the main lines
Overall complications during winterization

Please note: Once your system has been winterized, opening the main valve could fill the system with water and jeopardize your sprinkler system. If you suspect this may have happened, please call us. Fixing this issue before your piping freezes is inexpensive compared to the repair costs incurred if the system is frozen.

During the winterization process, the reduced pressure backflow preventer (RPZ) is typically removed from the system and stored in a heated space (most likely it will be placed next to the water meter so it is easy to find next spring). Most RPZ manufacturers require them to be removed in freezing weather to enhance the system’s longevity. We will remove any RPZ that has been equipped with fittings for easy removal. If your RPZ does not have easy removal fittings installed, our technicians have been instructed not to remove your RPZ unless specifically requested.


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