Directional Drilling

Directional drilling has all but replaced trenching in most long distance underground installations. Our capabilities include boring up to 8" pipe up to 500' in a single run. Much longer distances are obtainable but are typically spread over multiple "shots". Using directional boring we can eliminate most damage to landscaping, turf, and hardscapes.

Directional drilling used to be a more expensive option than typical open trench installation. Although there is still a place for open trenches in the utility installation world, directional boring can eliminate much of the repair to land and landscape and save a lot of money.

We can keep our price lower than the competition by doing your work more efficiently. We have an enormous arsenal of equipment at our disposal. North Shore Lawnsprinkler has invested heavily into the latest in directional boring and locating technology to get your job done as efficiently and cost effectively as possible. From state of the art drill head locators to our specialized vacuum excavators we are well equipped to handle almost any underground task.

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  • Sewer and water service installations
  • Sewer and water service repairs
  • Drainage system maintenance and installation
  • Pitched and constant grade installations
  • Underground electric installation and repair


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