Locating and Repairs

Many people have asked us to troubleshoot underground wiring and piping. We have acquired many different skills and technologies to effectively repair almost any problem in the ground. Many companies would rather replace a damaged underground wire than repair it. Most times an hour or so of troubleshooting can save you from the expense of replacing broken wiring. One of our most specialized technologies is called sheath fault locating. This process can locate almost any break in a wire under the ground by sending a high voltage pulse through the wire. This pulse then arcs to the ground at the point of the break. We can then locate this point with a special receiver and pinpoint the problem. This entire process normally takes less than an hour and can save you from costly replacement.

Along with repairing we also locate underground wiring. This can be helpful when doing plantings or construction. Our local dig service, JULIE, will locate all service wiring and piping coming to your home for free. They will not, however, locate any additional wiring, such as, services for disconnected garages, gas lines for barbeques, or wiring for outdoor lighting. This is where we can help. We can come to your home and quickly locate any additional wiring or piping on your property. This will show you or your contractor where all of the wire and pipe is in your yard and will save you the guesswork and repairs.

For your next project or repair please call North Shore Lawn Sprinkler at (847) 417-0437 and let us show you how we can help.

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