Trenching, Pulling, and Digging

Many projects around a home can require the burial of pipe, wire, or sleeves. We can help to get this done in a clean and professional manner.

One of the services we offer is machine trenching. This means we come in and remove the sod over the to-be trenched area. We then bring a small tractor to dig the actual trench, saving both time and money. We then install the piping or wiring and backfill the trench, making sure to tamp down all disturbed dirt to guarantee that your yard will not have any unsightly swales when the ground settles. The last step is to reinstall the sod and clean the surrounding area.

We also offer vibratory pulling services. This process can save your property from any trenching and can be faster and less costly. This process is done by a small tractor with a blade up to 18" long that physically drops the pipe into a small slit that is created in the ground. This coupled to the sod cutter that is also attached to the machine normally means that the landscaping heals within a week. We can pull pipe up to 2" in diameter up to 18" deep.

Even with all this equipment, some jobs require the finesse of hand digging. Whether your property is covered with trees or there are just to many obstacles in the ground for a machine, we can hand dig your project. Our technicians are both skilled and professional and will leave your property looking as if we were never there.

We hope that next time you are in need of any underground work that you will allow us to help. Please call us for a free estimate at (847) 433-6301

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