Utility Installation

North Shore Lawnsprinkler and Grevers Corporation specializes in the installation of underground utilities for your new or existing home.

We are equipped to directionally bore or trench in most any utility you could need. We are uniquely qualified to do "on-grade" directional boring in which the pipe is installed with a specific pitch or grade. We can install gravity sewers without opening a trench from the home to the street.

We have a wide range of both equipment and experienced personel at our disposal to quickly and cost effectivel get the job done.

Just a short list of what we can do for you:


  • Televise sewer and drain pipes and locate damaged area
  • Excavate and repair damaged lines
  • Replace sewer and water services
  • Vacuum excavation to avoid damage to surrounding utilites
  • Directional bore pipes up to 8" diameter
  • Rod sewer and drain lines to eliminate clogs


Please call us today for a free estimate so we can demonstrate what we can do for you.

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