Landscape Lighting


Professionally installed landscape lighting enhances your property and provides many benefits for both residential and commercial applications. A well-planned lighting system provides added safety, security to your home or business, and enhances the overall ambiance of your outdoor environment.

One of the primary functions of exterior lighting is to ensure safe passage for pedestrians on steps, sidewalks, walkways or other areas where aspects of the outdoor environment may become a hazard at night. Safety lighting typically projects downward, avoids direct eye projection, and is free from glare.

Floodlights, which are typically employed for security purposes, provide an unbalanced level of light along with dark shadows where someone can hide. A properly planned, low-level perimeter lighting system evenly spread around a building will act as a deterrent to intruders and provide greater security. Light sources that emit low-level light silhouette prowlers and make them visible from every angle.

Ambience & Drama
Beauty, hospitality and drama are enhanced by the proper selection and placement of landscape lights. Choosing focal points of architecture, art, unique features and landscaping elements will add night-time drama to your landscape after the sun has set.


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