Sprinkler Systems

An irrigation system, commonly referred to as a lawn sprinkler system, is a permanently installed underground network of pipes, valve head and nozzles that is tied into your water supply. It provides an efficient and convenient method of caring for your lawn, garden, plants and shrubbery. It reliably ensures that your property receives the correct amount of watering required for healthy, luscious growth. Properly caring for your lawn and garden can greatly improve the appearance of your property and prolong the longevity of your landscaping.

To provide optimal distribution, absorption and efficiency, these systems are generally scheduled to operate early in the morning when moisture loss due to evaporation is at a minimum. The automatic controller is programmed to provide a regular and consistent watering schedule and gives you independence from manually moving and activating your lawn sprinklers.

Along with the standard irrigation system, consisting of heads and nozzles, we also offer new advancements in irrigation technology.

  • Drip irrigation is a relatively new product that makes use of small brown tubing that is run through your plantings. This tubing has small holes called emitters every 12", these emitters release a small amount of water right at the roots of your plantings. This style of watering reduces evaporation and water usage. This tubing is best suited for flowering plants and shrubs, and evergreens.
  • In 2008 Hunter Industries came out with a new product called the Solar-Sync. This product has been shown to effectively cut your water usage by up to 40%. What this device does is measure rainfall and solar radiation. It then couples this with historic data for our climate and tells your system how much water to put on your lawn. Where a normal rain sensor may turn off you system for a day after a rainfall, the solar sync will actually keep it off for multiple days if the sun does not come out. This makes your grass grow stronger roots and lowers your water bill by up to $400.00 each year.
  • Micro irrigation is exactly what it sounds like. Small 1/4" tubing and tiny heads allow us to water pots and planter boxes discretely and efficiently. This easily removed and altered system is well suited for constantly changing flower types and pot set-ups.
  • Over the past 20 years we have been asked multiple times, "Can I fertilize my lawn through my sprinkler system?". Now you can, with a new product called the Pro-Feeder. This system installs at the water inlet in your sprinkler system (past the backflow preventer), and feeds fertilizer into the systems water supply. The system can even be retrofitted to fight mosquitoes.

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