About Irrigation


About Irrigation

Why you should choose North Shore Lawnsprinkler?
For over 35 years we have been servicing and installing irrigation systems in northern Illinois. We have over 3,500 customers, many of which have been with us for over a decade. Our installations are of the highest quality and our service is second to none. We have a fully staffed office year-round ready to help you with any need you have. We are licensed by the Illinois Department of Public Health and the EPA to install, service, and maintain irrigation systems. You will not find a better value for the money that you spend than with us.

The primary components of a sprinkler system are:

Your sprinkler system’s controller is one of the few parts that you may need to interact with. It functions as the brains of your system and stores all of the watering schedule information. This includes, the watering days, watering times per zones, and the watering cycle start time. The new controllers that we install are WiFi capable which allows you to modify your system’s schedule from anywhere using a smartphone. They will even automatically adjust the watering times based on weather information.

Rain Sensor
A rain sensor is one of the most important features of your irrigation system. This sensor will automatically shut off your sprinkler system in the event that there has been sufficient natural rainfall. This small relatively low cost device will pay for itself many times over in otherwise wasted water.

Sprinkler Heads
The sprinkler heads do the actual watering. Unless your specific plantings call for it, all the heads that we install retract fully into the ground. This allows for regular lawn maintenance without having to worry about damaging your sprinkler system.

Spray heads are a fixed radius head that pops up and sprays in a specific direction. These are normally used for smaller turf areas and almost exclusively for plantings. They have a finer mist that gently waters your landscape.
Rotors are heads that lift out of the ground and rotate to cover larger areas. These heads are best suited for larger turf areas that need broader coverage.
Reduced Pressure Backflow Prevention Valve
A Reduced Pressure Backflow Prevention Valve (RPZ) is what protects you and your family from potential backflow. Backflow occurs when there is greater pressure in your irrigation system piping than there is in your home. When this occurs water from your landscape and sprinkler system can be forced back into the water that you drink inside your home. The RPZ device is a redundant device that does not allow this to happen. This device is installed with every new system we install and is re-certified yearly to ensure its operation. We strongly suggest that if your system does not have this device in place currently that you have it retrofitted.
Poly Pipe
Poly pipe is semi-flexible pipe that is pulled through the ground with the use of a vibratory plow to minimize the impact to your lawn. Poly pipe is also far more resistant to freezing than conventional PVC and allows for easier repairs.

Low-Voltage Valves
Low-voltage electric valves send water to the individual zones of your irrigation system. They are housed in valve boxes that are installed flush in the ground. The low voltage wire from your controller operates each valve separately allowing individual areas to be watered for different durations of time.
Most of the components of an irrigation system require a minimum of 35 pounds per square inch of water pressure to operate properly. Many municipalities in our area have low water pressure due to over development and older water mains. In these towns we will need to install a booster pump to allow the system to operate properly. These pumps can be arranged to boost the pressure for your irrigation system alone or your entire home.

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