Styles / Benefits

Our licensed electricians can install a wide variety of outdoor lighting to accent or highlight your landscaping. There are many brands, styles and colors available on the market today to match any decor. We recommend that you take careful consideration when choosing which fixture you would like installed. There are specially designed lighting options that blend in with landscaping, and each light has a specialized purpose and functionality. We can also help you identify fixtures that match the style and color of your business or home. 
Popular Brands
Below are some examples of the most common fixtures that we install. Our representative can show you the full range of available products, and assist you in the design and selection of your lighting solution.
This brand offers a very large variety of both incandescent and LED options designed to fit the appearance of your landscape and home. Most of their options are low voltage but they also offer some line voltage fixtures as well. There are too many options for us to list them all on our site so we invite you to visit the manufacturer's website and take a look at what they have to offer.

FX Luminaire
This brand offers mostly low voltage and more conventional looking fixtures. Most are available in a brass and copper finish and LED. They do have a color changing and dimming system called Luxor that will allow you to change the color and brightness of the fixture at the controller. This brand is owned by Hunter who is an industry leader in irrigation technology and carried over their digital expertise to their lighting line.

This brand has relatively few fixtures but does offer them in a Bluetooth Color Changing and Dimming option. This allows you to select certain fixtures or areas of your landscape to illuminate in a different color while maintaining and uses a standard transformer; thereby cutting the cost versus a full color changing system.
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