Customer Testimonials

"My schedule is so busy that I either forget or don’t have time to give my lawn the attention and care that it needs. Because of this, my lawn has started to look pretty bad. North Shore Lawnsprinkler installed an irrigation system that takes care of my lawn even if I’m not home and they have given my home its curb appeal back.”
"North Shore Lawnsprinkler is a company that you really can depend on and I highly recommend them. Their professionals were able to partner with my landscape architects and they have created a beautiful and healthy lawn that I am proud of.”
"I was kind of hesitant to install a sprinkler system and allow technicians to dig up my lawn. But the technicians at North Shore Lawnsprinkler are amazing and they walked me through the entire process to and made sure that there was minimal impact to my lawn. The installation went smoothly and was completed in a timely manner and I am very happy with the results."
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