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Start Up System / Repairs

Each year, we begin activating sprinkler systems during the first week of April. To ensure that your sprinkler system is active throughout the watering season, we allow clients to begin scheduling startups as early as the winter season. We typically advise clients to schedule their startup during March. As a courtesy to our customers we will also send out a postcard each March reminding you that it is time to contact us.

Start up (10 zones or less): $95.00*
Includes 1/2 hour of labor. No materials are included in the startup service, as none are needed for starting a sprinkler system.
System Start up includes:
Closing Drains
RPZ Re-installation
System Pressurization
Activation and Check of Controller
Activation and Check of Automatic System Operation
Manual Zone-Check for Leaks or Broken Heads**
Repairs to System Damage, as Time Allows**
Please note: North Shore makes every effort to get your system started in a timely fashion. Small repairs (15 to 30 minutes) will be done during the initial visit. However, if the repairs needed are more significant than this we must schedule a return visit. This is to ensure that we do not delay other scheduled start ups that day.
Hourly Rate: $70.00 for the lead technician, and $50.00 for  any addition technician needed.
Rate is applied in 15 minute increments after the first 30 minutes. This is applied when additional time is necessary to complete the start up or perform minor repairs.
*For commercial property or for large estates (typically above 15 zones), please inquire for our current rates as these vary depending on the size and complexity of the system.

**Items which may increase the standard startup cost include:
Additional zones over 10 priced at $3 per zone thereafter
Damage requiring repair in order for the system to operate (caused by snowplows or other vehicles running over sprinkler heads).
Leaks in the lines, which are made visible when system is re-pressurized
Damage caused by winter elements that are not feasibly preventable
Type of RPZ or other backflow device
Location of controller
Any debris found in the main lines
Access to the RPZ or other backflow device
Overall complication factors related to the installation

Service Call Rates for Repairs:
There is a service call charge of $35.00. This fee covers the drive time, office overhead, fuel, etc. A labor charge of $70.00 for the lead technician, and $50.00 for any addition technician needed is invoiced in addition to materials used and the aforementioned service call charge. 

We service any all sprinkler systems, whether installed by us or a previously used company. There is no job to large, and no job to small. We are always happy to help. If the system is already activated for the season and the repairs or possible rework of the sprinkler system is expected to take more than a couple of hours, you are encouraged to request a free estimate from our Sales Manager in order to be better prepared for the upcoming work. Upon your initial call with our office staff, we will be able to guide you to the best option based on your needed.

To schedule your start up or repair appointment, call us at 847-433-6301.
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